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Project Tanzania Report 2009

Global Service Learning: Preventing HIV/AIDS

Nubra Floyd, Phd

Purpose: This trip grew out of the one taken with Mary Moran and Jimmy Crutison to Dar es Salaam and Arusha in 2007 and from my solo travel to northern Tanzania in 2008. The first two years of exploratory activity was co-sponsored by SJSU African American Studies, whereas this year’s trip was made solely under the auspices of Second Saturday Network and for the primary purpose of following up on our service projects in Arusha.

Goal: The intention this year was to strengthen our connections with churches and other established institutions that might provide volunteer placements for network members committed to the idea of helping the next generation envision a world without HIV/AIDS.

Winbeth With Single Use Camera Outside Family Home – Arusha

Objectives: My time in Arusha was expected to involve one or more meetings with Africa Inlands Church Youth Group and would allow us to expedite return of over four hundred photos taken with single use cameras we had mailed to them in April 2008. It was not until Joseph Mayala’s work brought him to the states for two weeks in October that he was able to have the cameras sent back to us for processing at Bay Photo Labs in Santa Cruz.

St Theresa Nuns Welcome Professor Nubra -  Arusha

Visits would also be made to St Theresa Secondary School, the academy for girls set up by Archdiocese of Arusha that had just completed their first year of operation.

  • Promote cross cultural understanding: My very enjoyable meeting with St Theresa’s English teacher, Fidelis Bea was made on behalf of Blair Bowman, who serves as faculty advisor for the Global Connections Club at Vistamar High in West Los Angeles.   Vistamar students started corresponding with students at St Theresa last year, and, during my visit, some of the Tanzanian pen pals helped design a tshirt for project participants.

St. Theresa Students Gather to Pose For Vista Mar Pen Pals

  • Foster participation in the worldwide spiritual community: The first meeting at Africa Inlands Church was to distribute twenty albums containing the young people’s photos who had participated in last year’s project and to have each of them select images to be included in the group collage. Another session on writing personal vision statements was held a few days later and drew about fifty participants. Naillah Mayala served as my English to Swahili translator for those sessions, and we later talked about creating a written version of the activity instructions in Swahili that would be distributed, during one of the church youth group meetings.
  • Encourage mentorship: For the second year in a row, Arusha area street vendors met with me as a group outside the Bamboo Restaurant for lunch and talk about micro lending and other approaches to small business development.

    ASVO Group Meets to Talk in Bamboo Courtyard: Arusha

    A street vendor named, Jonah, who sold us batik wall hangings, when we first came to Arusha two years ago was pleased to hear we’d found someone to support his English lessons. Last year, an older vendor named, Kosiano sold me some beautiful craft items as well and later wrote to us about his struggles to support a family living in the bush. Thanks to other network members, we were not only able to help him get funds for learning English, but also a pledge of ongoing educational assistance for one of his children. After the ASVO meeting, we made a trip by hired car into the bush, country, so Kosi could take me to his village for a brief visit with the headmaster of the school where his son Thomas was duly enrolled, after payment of his ann

Trip to Nkoarisambu Secondary School With Kosi and Taxi Driver: Arusha