Photoart Projects

Photoart Project 2003: Kids Taking Pictures of Kids

In Fall of 2003, we distributed disposable cameras to our families with 6 to 12 year olds and asked them to photograph other African heritage youth. The kids who returned their cameras helped us pick images to be used for the Kids Photoart Collage. We later selected these six very special photos to display on annual photoart calendars from 2004 to 2010.

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Photoart Project 2007: Growing Up In Tanzania

Photos taken by youth using disposable cameras documenting their experience growing up in Tanzania.

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AICT Photoart Project 2008-09

When we visited Africa Inlands Church Tanzania (AICT) in January 2008 disposable cameras were distributed to 20 interested members of their youth program, who were asked to take pictures of their everyday lives to be shared with young people in the United States. One year later, the photos below were chosen by the youth group members who took them for the Project Tanzania Photoart Collage.

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