Since 2005 Second Saturday Network has supported community based educational activities initiated by our community service interns. These interns are college students or recent college graduates interested in working with African heritage families.

Living Kwanzaa Projects

Living Kwanzaa Intern Training 2007

On August 1st of 2007, Nubra  Floyd and Koren Clark co-facilitated a day long retreat that spoke to the seven Kwanzaa principles. The retreat was part of a Summer Planning Project funded by UCSC Educational Partnership Center (EPC) under the auspices of their University College Engagement (UCE) Grant from UC Office of the President.

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Project Tanzania

Global Service Learning: Preventing HIV/AIDS

Second Saturday Network sponsored four trips to Tanzania between 2007 and 2010. These trips were part of a global learning initiative that a small group of San Jose State faculty, staff and students had been working together to develop since June of 2006. Those who have participated in this initiative share a vision of developing a unique international learning experience for high potential students from families with low to moderate income.

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Photoart Projects

Photoart Project 2003: Kids Taking Pictures of Kids

In Fall of 2003, we distributed disposable cameras to our families with 6 to 12 year olds and asked them to photograph other African heritage youth. The kids who returned their cameras helped us pick images to be used for the Kids Photoart Collage. We later selected these six very special photos to display on annual photoart calendars from 2004 to 2010.

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Photoart Project 2007: Growing Up In Tanzania

Photos taken by youth using disposable cameras documenting their experience growing up in Tanzania.

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AICT Photoart Project 2008-09

When we visited Africa Inlands Church Tanzania (AICT) in January 2008 disposable cameras were distributed to 20 interested members of their youth program, who were asked to take pictures of their everyday lives to be shared with young people in the United States. One year later, the photos below were chosen by the youth group members who took them for the Project Tanzania Photoart Collage.

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Penpal Projects

St Theresa – Vistamar Penpals

Letters, photos and artwork attached below were exchanged by students at Vistamar High in El Segundo, California  and St Theresa Secondary in Arusha, Tanzania, during the 2008-09 school year.

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School Projects

Teaching African Languages 2009

Jimmy Ghifa Crutison first began working in the classroom with this group of amazing young people at Elmhurst Elementary in East Oakland California, during the fall semester of 2009.

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Teaching African Languages 2010

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Life Options Retreat 2014

On November 9th we held a daylong networking retreat at Oakes College attended by students from Morningside High Robinson leadership Academy (RLA); Santa Cruz High Black Student Union (BSU); and UCSC African American/Black Student Alliance (A/BSA). Morningside High students Emilio Garmendia and Rafael Quevedo have written essays about the experience.

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