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greetings. (still one question)‏

From: Moses Obi Obinda, 8/05/14
To: nubra floyd

Jambo Mama. am doing well, and  the grant project  plans are still on. of-late  i have been so much preoccupied by school work but once i get back home, i will start working on the grant project and submit it to the embassy, i will keep you informed of  the proceedings. God bless.

On August 8, 2014, nubra floyd wrote:

dear rev obinda: glad to know you’re making most of your time while still in arusha and hope you continue to keep me posted about and need for funds–and what about your grant project?

Greetings. (glad to hear from you)‏

From: Moses Obi Obinda, 8/04/14
To: nubra floyd

i am still in Arusha, i have been doing some follow up on my transcript and grades.  also have been committed  with some ministry work at Arusha Community Church ( i do  lead Bible Study every Sunday morning,  Sunday school and every Saturday i have been doing some volunteer work; teaching youths at one of the compassion centers in Arusha) it has been a good experience. i have enjoyed doing ministry in Tanzania. still waiting for well wishers to send me transport, i have talked to some friends.  all is well mama. next week i may travel to Kenya. God bless.

On August 4, 2014 at 2:22 AM, nubra floyd wrote:

dear rev obinda: you have been much in my thoughts and am wondering whether you like rev ngare are now back in kenya–did you find funds for travel?


From: Moses Obi Obinda, 8/03/14
To: nubra floyd

Hallo mama Nubra. long time,  how are you doing? Thanks for sharing my regards with the Yali Fellows, it was good and encouraging  to hear from them, this should be the beginning of future partnership and networking. i do hope they have enjoyed being addressed to by President Obama. we thank God we are now through with our studies at MMU. may you continue to pray with us as we trust God’s guidance and direction on where and what He wants us to be doing.

God bless.


From: Moses Obi Obinda, 7/07/14
To: nubra floyd

Jambo, we are almost done with our three year studies at Mt.Meru. we earnestly thank God for everything, this journey has not been easy.

though currently we are still struggling with finalizing our research papers and final exam.

personally am very much financially depressed. (in need of money for doing research, up keep and transport back home)

Rev. Obinda.

yali fellows convo (asante sana)‏‏

From: Moses Obi Obinda, 7/07/14
To: nubra floyd

Habari mama, definitely i would love to hear more from their youth organizations they are representing. it would be a good opportunity to learn from each other on how to better work with the youths.

On July, 7 2014, nubra floyd wrote:

dear rev obinda: thanks for your prompt and well formed reply to be forwarded next to below named yali fellows from kenya:

walid ali ahmed  (founder: lamu youth alliance)
samwel mwangala njagi (president: kilifi county youth network)
also please let me know if you’d like to have more information about either of these two inpiduals and/or about youth organizations they are currently representing…


Re: yali fellows convo (thursday jul 10th)‏

From: Moses Obi Obinda, 7/06/14
To: nubra floyd

hongera  sana (congratulations!). we are proud of the yali fellows, we wish them well,  behind them there are  thousands  of young African leaders anticipating, to see a changed Africa.

networking is paramount for success. The icon of Africa (Mandela) once said “there is no easy road to freedom, and one of us acting alone can never achieve success”. the future of Africa lies in the hands of young African Leaders. God bless.

On Monday, July 7, 2014 1:59 AM, nubra floyd wrote:

dear rev obinda: will meet again with yali fellows thursday evening and so please let me know if you have any questions for them or want to send special greetings to those from kenya and hope your exams go well!


Re: young african leaders institute (fellows have arrived)‏

From: Moses Obi Obinda, 7/06/14
To: nubra floyd

thank you mama, i will be glad to  apply again. sorry for delaying to communicate, we have been so busy with reading, doing research and  final exams, we are finishing exams on Friday. otherwise we are doing well, we thank God for everything. i do hope you are okay. God bless.

On Sunday, June 29, 2014 2:24 AM, nubra floyd wrote:

dear rev obinda: was recently able to meet with group of yali fellows at university of california’s berkeley campus and hope to soon have suggestions for you on how to approach next year’s application process…


greetings. (hongera!)‏

From: Evans Ngare, 5/29/14
To: nubra floyd and Moses Obi Obinda, cc: johnrotich, gifftty2000

Hallo prof nubra,

hope you are? ok also us here in African continent we are ok.we thank God that he has given us this breath and being alive up to this time.It has been sometime we have not communicated.we are about to finish last year of university in one month’s time.All ministers are ok.

may God bless you so much.

Evans Ngare

greetings. (question)‏

From: Moses Obi Obinda, 5/17/14
To: nubra floyd

hallo Mama Nubra. how is everything over there? of late, we have been so busy with the class work, especially this being our final  months to finish our course at MMU.

I  have read the Honorina report, it was good to hear that, the boys at least  are doing something instead of just idling around, this is really encouraging. i am also still wondering how far did the boys go with the plans of securing the loan for starting up the  shoes and chakula business.

i will talk to sister Rose one of this days and see, if there is possibility of the ministers to have a chance to talk to and encourage the boys.  but with Mandela,  i don’t  know how to help, he is always drunk.  we are very busy at mmu.

here it is raining heavily.

looking forward to hear from you.
God bless. hasante sana.



From: Nubra Floyd, 5/05/14
To: Moses Obi Obinda

dear rev obinda: very glad to know you’ve been in touch with rose and still want to be involved with street youth project–any suggestions about how we might best proceed after reading honorina’s report?


From: Moses Obi Obinda, 5/2/14
To: nubra floyd

jambo mama, how are you doing?

it was good to hear from you a bout how our boys are proceeding with small business plans.

i had visited sister Rose Mambo at New Safari hotel, two weeks ago  and she shared with me,about  the progress. it’s  encouraging  and i do hope with such determination and hard work, success is certain.

God bless. wsh you all the best.

looking forward to hear from you. Thanks.


From: Nubra Floyd, 3/24/14
To: Moses Obi Obinda
Cc: johnrotich, evansngare, gifftty2000

yes rev obinda: good to hear all your news and receive your blessings…

much peace and love to my ministers!



From: Moses Obi Obinda, 3/22/14
To: nubra floyd

hello Mama, how are you doing of late. i always love to hear from you. your inspiring and encouraging words means a lot to us.  we thank God,  we finished exam successfully and we will be resuming next week for the final semester.

the Yali has invited us on the online interaction and chat on march 26th , i do hope it will be successful.

looking forward to hear from you.

today it’s very cold here, it has been raining the whole night .

Thanks. may the good Lord keep you safe. Amen.

greetings (youth project docs attached)‏

From: Moses Obi Obinda, 3/8/14
To: nubra floyd

good to hear from you mama. the proposal and the reports are good and encouraging, it is our prayer  that it will be implemented,  in order for boys to realize their dreams and potential.

hoping to hear from you again.

may you be blessed. wish you all the best.

On March 8, 2014, nubra floyd wrote:

dear rev obinda: good hearing from you and thanks for asking about our progress with arusha street youth project which has become part of emmanuel mollel’s community work for nelson mendela university…

here’s his proposal for how we should proceed along with copies of my final project report and american psychological association newsletter article about our work that was published in december 2012…

thought you might want to include apa article along with your professional resume and other supporting documents for future fellowship applications…



From: Moses Obi Obinda, 3/8/14
To: nubra floyd
Hello mama, how are you doing today?

sorry mama, we are so busy with our final exams.and i so you were wondering what happened my sending proposal to the Embassy.  currently am still at mmu, but when i get opportunity i will continue to work on it. though our project is like almost one year since we registered. i do hope it will work out.

have you done any fellow up on the business plan and proposal of securing funds for Street Venders shoe business, i don’t have any information since our last meeting with the boys.
Thanks, any updates from YALI?
Mungu akubariki.

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