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Nubra Floyd is a community based educator with advanced degrees in human development and applied social psychology, who has taught in three colleges  at UC Santa Cruz (Oakes and Kresge and Cowell), with CSU Monterey Bay Liberal Studies, and for San Jose State African American Studies. She is also a founding board member.
Maureen Littlejohn majored in community studies at UCSC and began working on campus more than thirty years ago. She is a founding board member, who also helped start Santa Cruz High Parents of African American Students (PAAS) and began leading our college tours in 2001.
Madlyn Norman-Terrance attended Pomona College and first joined UCSC Student Services in the 1970s. She is a founding board member, who also helped start the PAAS group at Santa Cruz High and has been Project Leader for our jointly sponsored youth retreats since 2001.
Valerie Shepherd majored in criminal justice at Eastern Michigan University and worked in Michigan’s prison system for 18 years, before retiring to California. She helped launch Soul Food Survey–Teens Talking to Teens in 2003 and has been a member of our board since 2004.

Technical Support

La Tricia Jones and Leonard Grandison were UC Santa Cruz students who early on expressed interest in our African penpal project and participated in our Saturday Class on Enhancing Black Student Development. They also provided technical assistance for our 2001-02 newsbook.
Shoshonna Levi of Grassroots Graphics designed educational display materials for our Teach-in on Zimbabwe that was held at Santa Cruz High in November 2000 and later created an African motif single page format for our Second Saturday Net newsletter.
Glen and Kristine O’Neil are UC Santa Cruz graduates, who have done advanced study at New College of California. They provided technical assistance for our November 2000 Zimbabwe Teach-In and with their ongoing assistance and support, the 2002-03 newsbook has eventually seen the light of day. Kristine has also served as a board member since 2006.
Martina Virrey is a year 2000 graduate of CSUMB Liberal Studies Program with a concentration in Human Communication, who designed our original newsletter and has since helped with website development. She’s now managing community partnerships for California’s  Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.