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About Us

Our Mission Statement

Second Saturday Education and Culture Network (dba Second Saturday Network) provides a community based program of educational resources aimed at promoting African cultural awareness and informed appreciation of the Black heritage experience.

Our Vision Statement

We want to see Central Coast California provide a uniquely effective model for enriching social identity development for African heritage youth in all parts of the world.

Program Overview

We began as a grassroots community initiative, and our events and activities are primarily intended to provide identity enrichment for families of Black and African heritage youth. Our organization also seeks to improve and enrich intercultural relations by enlisting local community involvement in projects that promote global learning. We are a duly registered California nonprofit and have been officially recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt public charity since 2002. Federal Tax ID: #77-0551387

Program Highlights

Second Saturday Network continues the work of Second Saturday School, which began in 1993, when local community members first offered monthly learning and activity sessions for children at Louden Nelson Center in downtown Santa Cruz. Our program outreach now includes a racially diverse group of concerned educators, youth workers and community leaders as well as over three hundred households where Black and African heritage children have grown up or are currently being raised in the United States or on the Continent of Africa. Since 2006 we have been providing Black and African Heritage youth living in the California Greater Bay area with valuable opportunities to expand their cultural competencies. Our career vision retreats and educational travel experiences are designed primarily for high school and college students, and our Community Service Intern Program prepares college students and recent graduates to work effectively with youth of African descent and their families.

Board Members 2013-2014

Madlyn Norman-Terrance – President
Maureen Littlejohn – Secretary
Nubra Elaine Floyd, PhD – Treasurer
Barbara Berman, PhD (Honorary)
Kristine O’neil (Honorary)

Board Advisory Group

Gabriel Neill-Craft
Kenneth Lyons
George Ow, Jr.
Michael Podorson
Robert Terrance
Ashanti Williams